things that mean nothing, maybe


the ‘novely xposures’ twitter acct (@noveltyxposures )

is following 13 people- a gentleman’s club, a couple generic verified celeb twitter accts (i say generic because so many ppl follow those it’s prob. meaningless really) and…donut king? (@vannuysDK)

that acct in turn has no tweets and is following only 3 ppl, 2 of whom are protected so i cant read who they are, and some apparently random guy (@ako_si_nemo)


but WHAT does it mean, thoughts anyone?

So um, I’m gonna run with this, ok? Like go nuts, crazy theorizing, crazy schemes the whole nine yards.  So don’t tell me this is crazy because I KNOW this is crazy.

Here goes.

Fact the first: According to google maps there is a real donut king in in Van Nuys. I googled around and it is a real buisness. That is it’s only location. And if you google it you can find the owner’s name.

Fact the second: No where on the internet can I find any other example of this buisiness using social media.

From these two facts I deduce that the account is not run by the actual donut king.

Fact the third: This twitter account was created on January 18th of this year.  The NoveltyXposures account was created on Febrary 3rd of this year.

Does this necessarily mean the vannuysdk isn’t related to NoveltyXposures? No. I’m just putting out the evidence I’ve found.

Fact the fourth: There are some people who are have no tweets and are following no other accounts who are also following this account. 

  1. esay_castillo created January 23
  2. paulinepillos created January 22
  3. sahahahraiortiz created January 19

Also these accounts were all created right after the donut king account. I doubt it’s paying for followers as there are only three and who buys three followers? But they have no profile pictures and no tweets. Something is definitely going on here. Cursory googling offers no obvious real person behind any of these three accounts.

I therefore deduce that these four accounts are related.

Fact the fifth: The information for novelty exposures says its located in Van Nuyes.

Fact the Sixth: According to reviews on Yelp it’s the go to place for kids after school.

Fact the Seventh: The three people it is following, according to google live in or around the Van Nuyes area.

Based on these facts I can see a few different possibilities.

Possibility 1: the VannuysDK account was not created by the transmedia team but by someone else and the transmedia team had the novelty exposures account follow it because it was located near by and they wanted to have novelty exposures be following people. Or someone on the transmedia team likes that donut shop and thought it would be funny. In this case, there is some weirdness going on with the donut king account, but it’s not necessarily LBD weirdness, it’s just random internet weirdness. This case is possible (and honestly maybe the most likely) but not interesting from a “trying to predict whats coming stand point.”

Possibility 2: The VannuysDK account was created by the transmedia team for some purpose. They picked some random people from Van Nuyes to follow, and it just happened to be these three. Alternatively these three followed the Donut King account and the transmedia team followed them back because the transmedia team wanted the account to befollowing some people. However the transmedia teamd did not create the other three accounts. That’s just random internet weirdness and is unrelated to LBD.

Possibility 3: The VannuysDK account is not created by the LBD team but the three other accounts are, for some reason.

Possibility 4: The account is related, and so are the three other accounts. The transmedia team also created these three accounts I discussed above for some purpose. (I’m going to make a post later outlining what that purpose might be).

So here’s the question I pose to you, people who know these things. Could the LBD create a fake twitter for a real place? Is that illegal? Could they have gotten the place’s permission? And if they do have some transmedia magic up their sleeves, why would they need the donut king account? (I’m developing a theory on this but I’m interested to hear your opinion.) Which possibility do you think is the most likely?

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    I also found this account which may not mean anything. Donut King is following 2 private...
  2. foc4l-point answered: What I found interesting is that they followed privated accounts that in turn followed them back or vice versa
  3. huffledorkable answered: Is it an official LBD twitter?
  4. yesknopemaybe answered: Maybe George hangs out in Donut King and the gentleman’s club listening to top 40 pop stars… and Ed Sheeran? I have no idea
  5. alltheladiesyouhate answered: well it’s a real donut shop in van nuys… but idk if it’s the actual twitter?
  6. radagasp answered: the donut king follows more random people now, and novelty xposures, WHAT THE HECK
  7. lies answered: Actually, it tweeted a couple of hours ago: “Less than 4 days till our new release. Have you pre-ordered yet?”