Decision Trees and The LBD.

So I see two major ways they could play the Darcy return:

  1. The “Are You Kidding Me” Way: Darcy enters. The episode ends. We all die.
  2. The “Lizzie Trap” Way: Darcy shows up unexpectedly, but then we get some more episode after.

I also see two major ways they could play what comes after Darcy’s return.

  1. The “Cannon” Way: In the book Darcy comes back with Bing and there are some painfully awkward interactions between Lizzie and Darcy before they confess their feelings. In this scenario we get an awkward episode, with lots of tension and subtext but no declarations and no kissing, and THEN we get declarations of love in the next episode.
  2. The “Just Kiss Already” Way: In this scenario, they get right down to declaring their feelings and kissing. 

So, what do you think is gonna happen? I’m hoping for Lizzie Trap-Cannon, but I think it’s gonna be more likely Lizzie Trap-Just Kiss Already. What do you predict?


  1. brighterthanthedawn answered: i’d prefer a lizzie trap-cannon. It gives more videos w/ darcy :)
  2. zpplnchick answered: A part of me, because LBD is admittedly evil, feels it’ll be Are You Kidding Me - and we’ll have to wait the whole weekend for a resolution.
  3. oplik answered: i have no idea but i would really like a lizzie trap-just kiss already so i don’t end up wallowing in suspension, especially not twice
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