Could have gone worse, I suppose, somehow

So my last predictions went through the end of the Lydia arc and started off ok, but ended up being a total disaster. So I’m revamping the format. I’m only gonna predict one episode out, but I’m going to be harsher on myself.  I’m going to keep grading myself. My goal will be to stay above 50%.

Current average: 46%

Previous Results: 75%, 60%, 35%, 60%, 0%, 10%, 20%, 35%, 90%, 80%

Predictions for Monday: (God, I have no idea I’m flying so blind here this is gonna be embarassing, I apologize to my family).

Ok so I have no ideas, so I’m gonna try to deduce some things. Lizzie just found out about Darcy’s involvement. Will she talk about it? I don’t think she will, unless Charlotte makes her, which is entirely possible. We’ve seen that she’s quite relucant to talk about Darcy on the camera. We know from the preview we’re gonna see Mrs. Bennet costume theatre, presumably talking about Bing and Jane. I think, due to my calculations that the confrontation scene will be Thursday, allowing Darcy to show up cliffhanger style a week from Monday, and then we get proposal no. 2 on Thursday of next week, leaving them two videos for wrap up/goodbyes. So this video has to pave the foundation for the confrontation. Because of that, a lot of my predictions today have to do with how I think the confontation will go down. I think it will be Caroline, I think Caroline will be in town to close up Netherfield for Bing, I think we’ll hear about that in the episode. I don’t think she’d fly across the state just to tell Lizzie off, so I think she’s in town already. I think Lizzie is going to talk about how now that Jane and Bing are an item, and in New York, the full force of her mother’s match-making schemes are focused on her, but she’s just trying to get a job/finish her thesis/find her last independant study. I also think we’ll get Charlotte’s reaction to the news that Darcy was involved, if she didn’t know already. She did say she was going to be around for the next couple of months, and I think the most logical role for her to play is in causing Caroline to worry enough to come over and talk to Lizzie.

OH MY GOD I’M SUCH A FAILURE AT LIFE AND EVERYTHING WHAT AM I DOING. Anyway I was wrong that the confrontation wouldnt’ be on Monday, so I loose half of the points for that off the bat. Lizzie didn’t talk about Darcy’s involvement, which I was right about. I was right that it was going to be Caroline, but they didn’t say why she was in town. We didn’t get Charlotte at all….So basically the only thing I got right was that Caroline was going to be doing the confrontation. That’s it. And everyone knew that you dummy. So I’ll give myself a 10% for trying and Caroline. I’m so bad at this game.

New Average: 42% [I apologize to my family.]


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