Midnight - A Deadline Sequel

Here it is, the sequel for Deadline. Now that I’ve started writing fanfiction, apparently I just can’t stop.  The update schedule will be a little different this time. Midnight will update weekdays between 10 and 1 Eastern standard time. So no updates on the weekends. [This is mostly because next weekend I’m going to be away at a lacrosse tourament and probably won’t have internet acess.]

Gigi returns to Los Angeles after the events of Deadline, hoping for a fun New Year’s celebration with Lydia and Mary, only to be caught up in one of Lydia’s matchmaking schemes.


Midnight is a sequel to Deadline, so if you haven’t read that you might be a little lost sometimes, but you should be able to get the gist.

Midnight updates weekdays between 10 and 1 Eastern Standard Time.

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Chapter 4

Trains - Gigi Darcy

8:00pm. Friday December 29, 2017. Emma’s Counter, LA.

Polishing off the last of her sandwich, Lydia said, “Although judging by the scene at my shop earlier, I might be playing seventh wheel soon. Where does seven rank in your calculus?” Lydia’s taunt was rewarded with a blush from Gigi. “Ha!” She shouted triumphantly, “You’re blushing! I knew you liked him!”

“I’ve known him for less than five minutes. And anyway, right now I want to focus on my thesis. I’m graduating in May.” Gigi tried to change the subject.

“Gigi! Jumping on that train and finishing your thesis are not mutually exclusive!” Lydia pointed out, unwilling to let it drop.

“I think the engagement has made you a little over-eager, Lydia.” Gigi patted her friend’s hand. “Here’s something to think about, little-miss-matchmaker. The first time a boy broke up with me, my mom took me out for ice cream. Then when I was done crying, she gave me a hug and said, ‘Gigi, remember, it takes a very good man to be better than none at all, and any man who makes you feel like this isn’t a good man.’ It took me a long time to really understand what she meant, but now I get it. I’m not going to be jumping on any trains because I’m nervous about my thesis, or because they say nice things to me, or because I’m feeling like any sort of wheel, or because my friend thinks it’s a good idea, or because I’m feeling lonely.” Or because they have really nice eyes, a little voice in her head added. “A boyfriend isn’t going to fix any of that.” She looked at Lydia significantly. “I think we both learned that the hard way.”

“But if you never get on any trains, you might miss the train that you really want to take.” Lydia grimaced as she stretched that metaphor way past its breaking point. “You know what I mean. I’m all for not settling and having high standards, but there are very good men out there, and I think Theo might just be one of them.”

“If Theo is so amazing, why aren’t you getting on that train?” Gigi asked.

Lydia rolled her eyes, “Because he’s not right for me. He’s a little too bookish, and I need someone with a little more sense of adventure.”

“And we all know your ideal man is Han Solo,” Gigi teased.

Lydia rolled her eyes, “Don’t judge! He’s hot,”

“It’s not the fact that you think Han Solo is hot that I have a problem with, Lydia. My problem is that you think he’s hotter than Indiana Jones!” The rest of the meal was taken up with a lively debate on the relative merits of the two characters, and Gigi relaxed a little now that Lydia seemed to have dropped the subject.

10:00pm. Friday December 29, 2017. Gigi’s apartment.

Gigi had been staring at her computer screen looking at her thesis for hours without writing a word. Her mind kept returning to her mortifying performance at the yogurt shop that evening. Every time her eyes closed she saw herself chasing the pen across the floor, or bringing up her grandmother. He probably thinks you’re a total spazHe probably is rethinking coming on New Years because he doesn’t even want to be in the same room as me. She turned up the music, hoping that would help her focus. It was always hard to come back to school work after a break, but this was different. You don’t even know him, the rational side of her pointed out, this is clearly premature. What she really needed was to tell someone about what happened, so he or she could tell her to snap out of it and get her head screwed on properly.

Usually in situations like this, Gigi would call Lydia. But that would just throw gasoline on the fire, so Lydia was a no-go. Fitz was off limits too, because he’d tell her brother, and it was way too early in the game to be having that conversation. She briefly considered calling Lizzie, but decided against it; she didn’t want her brother to know yet, and it seemed rude to put Lizzie in that position. The more she thought about it, really, calling anyone seemed like an overreaction. This whole thing is an overreaction, she told herself. Whenever she’d been stressed in highschool, Darcy had told her “Gigi, don’t waste your energy worrying about things you cannot change, or things that have not yet happened. Focus on what you can do or change today.”

“I can’t change what happened at the shop this evening. And Theo hasn’t said he hates me yet, but I can do my thesis today,” she told herself. “Focus on that. Theo isn’t going anywhere, and he’s a problem for another day.” As she finally started typing, Gigi was thankful that men were not like trains. She wasn’t going to miss anything if she just waited and got to know him a little better. Okay, that metaphor really needs to stop.And anyway, odds are, she reasoned, this is just a crush that feels like more than it actually is because Lydia is manipulating things. It should pass. And then everything will be back to normal.


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